Many people are intimidated by anything that is car related when it comes to maintenance. While mechanics live off this fact, in many instances a mechanic isn't needed. Especially their bill! A perfect example is windshield wipers, depending on quality of the windshield wiper they can cost from $20-$40. To take your car to a mechanic for a windshield wiper replacement this can cost well above $40 if your mechanic isn't the most kind of people. The most common things you can do yourself is changing your oil, oil filter, air filter, headlights, light bulbs, windshield wipers, and detailing your car. With the internet past knowledge of working on cars is no longer needed. This is because of many resources, with the most popular being Youtube. No matter what car you have someone has had the same issue and has most likely posted a video on how to fix it. 
Even when your car has an engine light on we don't recommend your first step being to take your car to a mechanic. Instead a valuable resource to utilize immediately after any dash light turns on is to take your car to O'Reilly's, Autozone, or Advanced Auto Parts and asking for a free diagnosis. All of these parts stores are capable of diagnosing the issue with your car using an OBD11 reader. You can take the codes given and simply do an internet search to find common fixes and how to perform them. This can save you a lot of time and potentially money, especially if the issue is simple to fix. While some repairs can certainly be too much of a headache to take on by yourself, if the fix is simple and easy this method can save you a lot of grief!